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Guus Klaren, “The Value of Gestalt Group Work in a Polorazid field”

4 Νοεμβρίου 2022by admin

Our present time is largely dominated by extreme polarization and exclusion. More than individual therapy and – coaching, Gestalt group therapy, as a micro cosmos, can have a big impact as a learning environment to give shape to democratic values and human rights and to strengthen a unified field.  In this online workshop we will explore how these values are inextricably contained in the Gestalt theory and what it means for our daily practice.

Guus Klaren (Netherlands). MSW, works internationally as Gestalt Therapist, -supervisor, -trainer and Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations. He has over 30 years experience in working with groups and teams from Gestalt philosophy.
He is past president of the Dutch Flemish Association for Gestalt Therapy and Theory (NVAGT), past chair of the Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee of EAGT and currently ‘backroom member’of  this committee.

© Copyright HAGT – Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy

© Copyright HAGT – Hellenic Association for Gestalt Therapy