Applications Of Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Τherapy is addressed to any person wishing to explore, understand and make changes to the varied aspects and circumstances of his/her life.

Gestalt Τherapists work with individuals confronting issues that may be included in the entire spectrum of situations traditionally considered as mental disorders, on condition that they have the relevant specialization and adequacy.  They are interested in knowing the various mental disorders classification systems, but their main orientation is that psychological problems are primarily relational phenomena and, therefore, any diagnosis needs to include the network of relationships in the organism / environment field. At the same time, every human being is perceived as a unique process that can only be conceived fragmentally and, thus, any attempt to understand (diagnose) the human condition requires particular attention and reflection.

Gestalt Τherapy is applicable to individuals, couples, families, groups and communities. Finally, the application of its principles and methodology has been extended to education, organizations, businesses and other sectors of social life.

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